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More Information on intranet page (drawing): LdmWiki:MA09

ma09a.jpg ma09b.jpg

MA09 Detailed Manual

Temperature Sensors

  • on sample stick: x22642
  • on VTI heat exchanger: c17844
  • common, very rough calibration for all Allen-Bradley test sensors: cplus70


Instrument Field Limit Comment
TASP 6 Tesla with goniometer, goniometer motors removed, distance to Be filter: > 20 cm
TASP 9 Tesla without goniometer unit, monochromator 2theta > 75, distance to Be filter[1]: > 22 cm
7.9 Tesla: 2theta > 55 ?
Rita-II 4 Tesla
9 Tesla
with goniometer, goniometer motors removed
without goniometer
DMC 1.4 Tesla
HRPT 4 Tesla without RC shielding [2]
FOCUS 9 Tesla magnetic rail and motor of radial collimator removed
distance magnet center to mono center 2 m, 2theta < 132 deg or magnet surface to guide surface > 0.9 m
TriCS 2 Tesla due to problems with omega-encoder (from the forces 4 T is possible)
Morpheus 3.5 Tesla with X-Y table, dist. to diaphragmas at least 250 mm, omega motor not in use
Morpheus 2 Tesla with omega motor
[1] on TASP: MA09/taspFilterMA09.png

[2] on HRPT: MA09/RCshielding.jpgMA09/RCmotor.jpg
The RC shielding (left picture) has to be removed. One of the pieces making trouble is probably the RC motor (right picture).

On all other Instruments, MA09 can not yet be used.

Pending Issues

  • The magnet has a cold leak, occuring only occasionaly at low temperatures. As a workaround the main vacuum has to be pumped constantly. (Oct 2006)

Solved issues

  • The magnet seemed not to work reliably with the lambda stage (2 quenches during an expt. on TASP in November 2006). The reason is not yet clear. A user claimed that the switch heater power is too low when using the lambda stage. It seems that this is not the case (see MA09switchHeater). A test in February 2007 showed no quench up to 9 Tesla. However, if we extrapolate the force measurements at 5 Tesla, we get forces near 1000 kN both vertically and horizontally (with shortened distance sample - mono). At normal distance, the horizontal forces are much lower, and the vertical forces should be reduced after replacing the A3 motor box. We now believe that during the quench, the magnet was too close to the magnetic beam dump of TASP.

  • There seem to be a problem with the He level gauge. As a workaround, an additional gauge is placed in the He filling port. (2005-10-19) Solved in winter 2006.

TASP adapter TASP adapter

Attachments:  ma09b.jpg  taspMa9_1.jpg  ma09b.JPG  RCshielding.jpg  ma09a.jpg  RCmotor.jpg  ma09c.JPG  taspMa9_2.jpg  taspFilterMA09.png 
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