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JSPWiki v2.0.52

This is a first proposal for the structure of the temperature sensor database. Please do not yet insert all your available information, just try out with some examples. -- Markus Zolliker

Inserting a new sensor into the database

  1. add the calibration curve as attachment (in any form, as text, pdf ...) to the page CalibrationCurves
  2. add a new page or modify an existing page with a description of the device (cryostat, magnet etc.) and put the information, where this sensor is mounted. Make also a link to this page.

Checking what sensors is used in a device X

Search for the page of the device X or click through a catalog of devices (for the SINQ devices, we have a list within SINQ Wiki, but there might also be a list on some other web-page).

Looking where sensor Y is used

On the CalibrationCurves page, click on "Attach file". Look for the filename and click on the icon between the filename and the file size. On the left, you should then find under "Referenced by" which device uses sensor Y.

Comments to this proposal

For this proposal, I have inserted only the device information about MA09 but there is already a long list of sensors (in fact most of the sensors we use at SINQ) -- Markus Zolliker

List of links to this page (and therefore a list of devices)


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This page last changed on 23-Feb-2005 14:14:27 UTC by MarkusZolliker.