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Electric Field

We provide a sample stick for applying electric fields to a sample.
The stick is capable to handle high voltages of up to +-5kV.
Electrically floating sample mounting is possible, i.e. for charge current measurements.

The stick consists of a vacuum chamber containing the sample.
To permit multiple neutron scattering geometries with respect to the E-field direction, electrodes are either sputtered onto the sample, or painted on with silver paint during sample preparation.
For a reliable preparation we recommend to mount the sample 1 day before the start of the beam time.

Two sizes of vacuum cans are available

wide can thin can
id 35 18
samp. len 59 55
sampl. mount sapphire platesapphire plate
63x23x1 60x14x1
M6 --
cryostatORI1,ORI2,ILL1,ILL2(with insert)
magnetMA09,MA7(without rotation)MA15,MA11,MA09,MA7,MA6

More details are published in: M. Bartkowiak, J.S. White, H.M. Ronnow and K. Prsa, Rev. Sci. Inst. 85 (2014) 026112 https://doi.org/10.1063/1.4865406

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