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MA09 Specifications

Sample space dimensions

see Magnet List

Other specifications

field at sample 9.0 Tesla
" without lambda stage7.9 Tesla
operating current for 9 T113.34 A
maximum allowed vertical magnetic forces1000 N (not specified by OI)
maximum allowed horizontal magnetic forces500 N (not specified by OI)
homogeneity over a 10 mm diameter sphere?
field stability in persistent mode?

Stray Field at 9 Tesla
at 1 m horizontal distance150 Gauss
at 1 m vertical distance300 Gauss
critical distance for loose ferromagnetic parts
500 Gauss/metre
0.84 m vertical
0.67 m horizontal

Variable Temperature Insert
temperature range (no field dependend limitations)1.8 ... 300 K
temperature stability+- 0.1 K
needle valve controlmanual

sample space diameter49.5
max. beam height for horizontal access40 mm
split access angle+- 6 deg
max. beam height for +-6 deg access24 mm
horizontal access angle340 deg
distance from base of cryostat
to scattering plane
190 mm
diameter for transfer tube9.5 mm

LHe hold time with stable temperature below 50 K
(as of Feb 2005)
2.9 days
useable LHe capacity45 l
LHe boil off (static mode, original spec)330 cc/hr
LN2 capacity43 l
typical LN2 boil off630 cc/hr
total weight including cryogens? kg

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