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JSPWiki v2.0.52

The sample mounting thread on all sticks is M6 (female).

namedescription T-range d a bL t w h
ILL150 mm Orange cryostat 1.5...320 K 5015...49 44916 +-29
ILL270 mm Orange cryostat 1.5...320 K 6813...89 70912 +-28
ILL370 mm Cryo-Furnace 2...450 K 6819...97 71944
ILL470 mm Orange cryostat (FOCUS) 1.5...320 K<6029...11760944
ILL5100 mm Orange cryostat 1.5...320 K10031...58 681128+-2511991012
ORI150 mm Orange cryostat 1.5...320 K 5037...11756956 +-41
ORI250 mm Orange cryostat 1.5...320 K 5031...89 56957 +-41
ORI3100 mm Orange cryostat 1.5...320 K10021...65 661139 12061016
ORI4100 mm Orange cryostat (HRPT) 1.5...320 K10014...55 701128
ORI6100 mm Orange cryostat (EIGER) 1.5...320 K10060...801101149 12571016

d: sample space diameter (subtract 2 mm for tolerance)
a: distance from thread to beam center
b: allowed size below beam center
L: length of the sample stick from the top flange to the center of the sample see also sample mounting instructions and adapter pieces
t: vertical opening angle more info
w: warm total sample height
h: warm distance to heat exchanger edge

Additonal Information on Orange Cryostats

Obsolete information

He flow 4-circle cryostat (no longer in use): HEF4C

Attachments:  RisoeOrangeCryostatManual.pdf  ILL1a.jpg  ORIdimensions.png 
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