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JSPWiki v2.0.52

The sample mounting thread on all sticks is M6 (female).

namedescription T-range d a bL t w h
ILL150 mm Orange cryostat 1.5...320 K 5015...49 44916 +-29
ILL270 mm Orange cryostat 1.5...320 K 6813...89 70912 +-28
ILL370 mm Cryo-Furnace 2...450 K 6819...97 71944
ILL470 mm Orange cryostat (FOCUS) 1.5...320 K<6029...11760944
ILL5100 mm Orange cryostat 1.5...320 K10031...58 681128+-2511991012
ORI150 mm Orange cryostat 1.5...320 K 5037...11756956 +-41
ORI250 mm Orange cryostat 1.5...320 K 5031...89 56957 +-41
ORI3100 mm Orange cryostat 1.5...320 K10021...65 661139 12061016
ORI4100 mm Orange cryostat (HRPT) 1.5...320 K10014...55 701128
ORI6100 mm Orange cryostat (EIGER) 1.5...320 K10060...801101149 12571016
VARIOX50 mm cryostat for DIL 1.5...320 K 50? ? 1068
VarioxB100 mm Variox Cryostat for P-cells1.8..300K
100 50...150 150 1551 (permanent stick rot.)+-15 1551


d: sample space diameter (subtract 2 mm for tolerance)
a: distance from thread to beam center
b: allowed size below beam center
L: length of the sample stick from the top flange to the center of the sample see also sample mounting instructions and adapter pieces. Please be aware that the values given are to measure at RT, a 2-3 mm shrinking at low T is already considered
t: vertical opening angle more info
w: warm total sample height
h: warm distance to heat exchanger edge

Additonal Information on Orange Cryostats

Obsolete information

He flow 4-circle cryostat (no longer in use): HEF4C

Attachments:  RisoeOrangeCryostatManual.pdf  ILL1a.jpg  ORIdimensions.png 
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