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Please read also the rules concerning dilution refrigerator experiments

Name Description T-range sample mounting
DIL1(no longer used)
Oxford Instruments dilution insert
used with MA15, MA11, MA02, MA6, MA7, MA10 or VARIOX
>50 mKsee DilSampleMounting
and Calculator for Sample Mounting in DIL
DIL5large Oxford Instruments dilution insert
used with MB11 or VarioxB
>50 mK
HelioxVTOxford Instruments 3He insert
used with MA7 or MA10
>230 mK

The old 4He bath cryostat with 3He sorption cryostat HEOX cannot be used reasonably on neutron scattering instruments.

For a list of available spacers see here.

dil gas handling schematic

Heater ranges with weak link

prop = 0.1, integ = 8

Heater rangestable abovemay be heated up to
20mW 1 K > 4 K
2mW 0.5 K 3 K
200uW 0.2 K 1.2 K
20uW 0.07 K 0.4 K
2uW base T 0.15 K

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