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Rules concerning Superconducting Magnets and Dilution Refrigerator Experiments

Experiments involving superconducting magnets and/or dilution refrigerators are labor-intensive for the sample environment staff and imply a quite high risk of problems, especially at the beginning of an experiment. In the evening and on weekends, there is only very limited technical support. In order to minimize beam time losses, some rules have been established:

Experiments with superconducting magnets and/or dilution refrigerator experiments

  • Aligning the sample with neutrons must be done before the starting day.

Dilution refrigerator experiments

  • Sample changes must be done on working days
  • The sample must in general be ready (put on/into a suitable holder) in the morning of a workday before starting the experiment, except when the stick is already used immediately before.
  • Sample changes take a full working day, i.e. the warming up of the old sample must start early in the morning.

See also Scheduling Policy for Superconducting Magnets and Dilution Refrigerators (intended mainly for instrument responsibles)

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