Neutron & X-ray Data Format

NeXus is a data format for the exchange of neutron and synchrotron scattering data between facilities and user institutions. It has been developed by an international team of scientists and computer programmers from neutron and X-ray facilities around the world. The NeXus format uses the Hierarchical Data Format (HDF) which is portable, binary, extensible and self-describing. The NeXus format defines the structure and contents of these HDF files in order to facilitate the visualization and analysis of neutron and X-ray data. In addition, an Application Program Interface (API) has been produced in order to simplify the reading and writing of NeXus files.


Purpose and Principles
Choice of Data Format
History and Current Status

NeXus Structure
NeXus Objects
NeXus Classes
NeXus Layout
NeXus Data

NeXus Contents
Naming Conventions
Glossary, Groups, Attributes
Instruments, XML Metaformat

Design Team

NeXus Programming
Purpose of API
Description of core API
Fortran 77 interface
Fortran 90 interface, Fortran 90 utility API
Example NeXus program, Java, IDL
Downloading the API

NeXus Utilities
Plotting Applications
Data Analysis

NeXus Mailing List
Mailing List Archive

NeXus Site Map

News and Updates
NeXus Swiki open for business
NeXus Advisory Committee to be formed

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