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NameDescriptionRangeUsed inDim
P9? clamp cell for elastic ns <9 kbarILL2, ILL5d=7, c=20
P15clamp cell for elastic ns<15 kbarILL2, ILL5d=7, c=20
P8? clamp cell for inelastic ns <8 kbarILL2, ILL5d=7, c=20
P30?single crystal clamp cell for elastic ns<30 kbarAPD d=4, c=8
PU? uniaxial (pressure may be changed in situ) <1 tonILL2

d: sample space diameter
c: useable sample height

Attachments:  Pcells_at_SINQ_PSI_Oct_2016.pdf  12kbar_Cell_PSI.png  12kbar Cell PSI.png 
This particular version was published on 12-Sep-2005 17:12:27 CEST by MarkusZolliker.