The superconducting magnet MA15 was acquired in 2004. It was paid partly by


14.9 Tesla is the maximum field achievable with nowadays technology for a split pair coil (which is needed for wide angle access). This limit could in principle be increased to 17.5 by means of a dysprosium insert for small samples. This option is not (yet) available at SINQ.

A rotatable sample stick has been made at PSI using a similar design at the ILL. This allows to leave the magnet in a fixed omega position and to turn the sample orientation within the magnet.


after several quenches, operation above 12.5 without lambda stage is not recommended see

Due to force limits, restrictions are defined for the use of MA15.

Instrument Allowed Max. Field [Tesla]
RITA-2 11.5 ... 14.9, see MA15 Rita Restrictions
TASP 14.9, see MA15 TASP Restrictions
EIGER 13, see MA15 Eiger Restrictions
ZEBRA 14.9 for the longer distance as defined for MA15
On all other instruments, MA15 can not yet be used.

Specifications / Ramp Limits

More information on intranet page (Drawing): LdmWiki:MA15

Omega Motor Change on Rita2

Cooldown Procedure?

Pending Issues

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