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JSPWiki v2.0.52

Procedure to Change the Option for the Sample Stick Rotation

There are 7 options now:

set stickmotor 0
Normal mode: motor om is sample table
set stickmotor 1
MA15 mode: motor om is sample stick, motor sro is sample table
set ma15motor 2
MA02 mode: motor om is sample table, motor stick is sample stick

Change to Omega on Sample Stick (for MA15)

  • In /home/rita2/rita2_sics/rita2.tcl change the following line
        set stickmotor 15
  • Stop the SICS server at the unix prompt:
        monit stop sicsserver
  • Switch off the motor controller (if not already off)
  • Make sure that the cables to the rotation unit are connected, and that the serial line (RS232) to the motor controller is connected.
  • Switch on the motor controller.
  • Start sics with the command
        monit start sicsserver

Outdated information:

If the motor is not running, it may be necessary to load the motor parameters with the el734_test program. Type

        el734_test -help
for documentation. A parameter file can be found under /home/users/tascom/PSI/mot_4_01.par (no longer there!)

Actually the serial cable for the omega motor is connected to channel 4 (port 3004) on the terminal server

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