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ILL type furnace

This furnace was produced at the ILL, but is now commercially available at AS Scientific Products Ltd. The heater consists of a double tube of noibium foil, and there are up to 8 radiation screens. These screens help to have a small temperature gradient over the sample. The drawback is, that at lower temperatures the cooling is very weak, and therefore the control difficult.

Current Issues

The furnace is back from repair at AS Scientific Products Ltd and operational. The screens are now in a modified design, which allows an easier replacement of the heater element. But even with this new design, a repair will take a lot of time.

Power table

When heating up the furnace the first time, ramp up slowly, using the appropriate max. power for the temperature range. The pid values from a first test (values in parentheses) were not confirm in a later experiment.

temperaturemax. powerpropintramp
1500 ... 18002000(50) 10(50) 520
1300 ... 15001000(100)(50)20
1100 ... 1300 500(200)(50)20
900 ... 1100 316(200)(50)10
700 ... 900 158(100)(20)5
600 ... 700 158(100)(1)5
500 ... 600 158(50)(1)5

illofen1.jpg illofen2.jpg illofen4.jpg

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