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JSPWiki v2.0.52

Drive Command

The command name is DR. The command drive as used at other instruments is available but behaves differently.

Markus Zolliker: this behaviour may confuse the user. My proposition is to rename the original sics drive command and to make dr and drive act similar

Motors are driven as on other SICS instruments. With a single drive command several motors may be driven.

Driving in reciprocal lattice units

Driving Q:

> DR QH qh qk ql en

If en (the energy transfer value) is omitted, the energy transfer is assumed as zero (in contrast to TASMAD, where it is the last used value). It is an error to give less than 3 numbers.

WARNING: The new system allows to drive Q out of plane within the limits of the sample goniometers sgu and sgl. If there is some sample device on the table which may not be tilted, restrict the movements of sgu and sgl through software limits.

Markus Zolliker: this behaviour is dangerous, because people will always forget to set software limits. My proposition is to have different names for Q-variables driven in 2 and 3 dimensions. An error should be signaled when driving the 2D Q-variable out of plane

For powders (no more powder mode switch, qm is in -1):

> DR QM qm EN en

Driving the energy transfer alone is also possible, (using the last given q values):

> DR EN en

Analyzer and monochromator energies are represented by the virtual motors EI, KI, EF and KF, as in TASMAD.

An error is signaled:

  • when real motors are mixed with virtual motors like QH, EN or KF
  • when incompatible virtual motors are driven (like QH and QM)

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This page last changed on 21-Oct-2005 08:17:15 CEST by MarkusZolliker.