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How to Use SEA Commands in a SICS batchfile

I know how to change this particular parameter in the SEA client, but how do I set it from a batch file in SICS?

Change the value in SEA and look what command is logged in the Input/Output history. You can use the command as it is in a SICS batch file.

Should i use run or drive?

In SICS (and SEA) there are two different commands for driving:

> run driveable_object new_value

starts the driveable_object (may be a motor, temperature, field ...) with new_value as target, but does not wait for success. The run command has a caveat though: It keeps monitoring the drivable_object. As soon as you give a blocking command like drive or scan, it will wait for the temperature to arrive at the target value.

If you wish to perform scans while waiting for the sample environment to arrive at a certain state, the right procedure is to set the drivable_object tolerance to a high value and then run the drivable object. This will trick SICS into believing that the target value has already been reached. Do not forget to set the tolerance to a reasonable value gaian if you expect SICS to wait for a SE variable change to actually happen.

> drive driveable_object new_value

drives the driveable_object and waits until new_value has been reached. For a temperature the time when the new_value has been reached depends on the following parameters:

> temperature tolerance
> temperature maxwait (the maximum time [sec] to wait until the drive command quits)
> temperature settle (the time [sec] to spend within tolerance before the drive command quits)

Zero is a special value for temperature maxwait, which means no timeout. It is not recommended to put a zero value for temperature settle, as the drive command will quit when the temperature is for the first time within tolerance, and the temperature may over- or undershoot.

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