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NameDescriptionTemperature Range
CCR1?Sumitomo CCR (TASP)4...325 K
CCR2?Sumitomo CCR (FOCUS)4...475 K
CTI1Standard CTI15...325 K
CTI2Standard CTI15...325 K
CTI3Standard CTI15...325 K
CTI4CTI with extended T-range30...475 K
CTI5High Power CTI20...325 K
CTI6CTI with extended T-range (FOCUS)20...325 K
DISCDisplex9...325 K
DISEDisplex7...325 K
DISL?Displex9...325 K
APDfor use on euler cradle10..450 K

This particular version was published on 26-Jan-2005 14:05:52 CET by MarkusZolliker.