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JSPWiki v2.0.52


Monochromator/Analyser d-spacing [Angstroem].
Scattering sense at Mono (new: as text LEFT/RIGHT/STRAIGHT)
new as text: KI or KF

informational only:

Horizontal collimation before mono, before sample, before analyser, before detector [minutes FwHm]
Vertical collimation before mono, before sample, before analyser, before detector [minutes FwHm]
Monochromator/Sample/Analyser mosaic [minutes FwHm]

Limits and Zeros

Lower and upper limits and zeros for all motors. L, U and Z are appended as a prefix to the variable names to indicate Lower limit, Upper limit and Zero.


A1      Monochromator angle             (Bragg angle in degrees)
A2      Scattering angle at mono.       (twice Bragg angle in degrees)
A3      Sample angle (degs)             (A3=0 when (AX,AY,AZ) is along KI)
A4      Scattering angle at sample      [degrees]
A5      Analyzer angle                  (Bragg angle in deg.)
A6      Scattering angle at analyzer    (twice A5 in deg.)

MCV     Mono curvature vertical
SRS     Sample table second ring
ACH     Anal curvature horizontal
MTL     Mono   lower translation
MTU     Mono   upper translation
STL     Sample lower translation
STU     Sample upper translation
ATL     Anal   lower translation
ATU     Anal   upper translation
MGL     Mono   lower goniometer         (Reserved)
MGU     Mono   upper goniometer
SGL     Sample lower goniometer
SGU     Sample upper goniometer
AGL     Anal   lower goniometer         (Reserved)
AGU     Anal   upper goniometer

D1T D1B D1R D1L Diaphragm 1 (top/bottom/right/left)
D2T D2B D2R D2L Diaphragm 2 (top/bottom/right/left)
D3T D3B D3R D3L Diaphragm 3 (top/bottom/right/left)

Virtual motors

EI      Incident neutron energy         [meV]
KI      Incident neutron wavevector     [Angstroem-1]
EF      Final neutron energy            [meV]
KF      Final neutron wavevector        [Angstroem-1]

QH      Q in Reciprocal Lattice Units (3 components!)

EN      Energy transfer; +ve neutron energy loss        [meV]
QM      Length of Q                             [Angstroem-1]

Polarisation analysis

not yet specified

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