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JSPWiki v2.0.52

Features removed from TASMAD or changed

  • the variables for the unit cell specification (AS,BS,CS,AA,BB,CC) and for the sample orientation (AX,AY,AZ,BX,BY,BZ) are integrated into the ub matrix module. However, if needed, they can be extracted from the ub matrix and written to the data file.

  • no more assumption about the order of motor variables

    example: it would no longer be possible to do something like
    > FIX A3 - A6
    however, for QHKL and EN it is still possible to write
    > DR QH 0 0 1 3.5

  • step variables and the number of points, are only available in scan commands, and it is no longer possible to omit these in order to use last values.

  • for Q always all 3 components have to be given. EN, the energy transfer is an optional 4th component, which is set to zero when omitted.

  • FM, FZ are removed (there are other possibilites to do it in SICS)

  • to unfix all motors, use CL ALL instead of CL

  • the command SW no longer available.
    for powder scans use QM as scan variable
    for polarised mode a separate flag variable will be available (not yet specified)

  • a few commands could be given two letter abbreavation or as full command (in the original TASMAD program, any command can be shortened downto 2 letters):

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