SEA Help

Known Bugs and Problems

The left part of the SEA client ist blank

Quit the client by closing the window and start a new client.

I can not drive the magnetic field (or any other SE object) from SICS

The command is
  drive mf <value>

If you get the following message:

  Cannot find mf to drive 
  ERROR: cannot run mf to 6
then SICS has lost the link to SEA. Enter
from a SICS client. If this does not help, it may be that the proper device is not selected in SEA.

The needle valve control is unstable

Restarting SEA

Restarting the SEA client is sometimes a good idea when problems arise. Restarting the SEA server is rarely necessary, but might also help. From the instrument account enter
  monit restart sea
to restart the SEA server. Normally, restarting the SEA server does not harm the instrument program. However, when the SICS server is in Driving mode, the objects linked to SEA may be lost. In this case just enter
on the SICS prompt.