6.8 Tesla Horizontal Field Cryomagnet MA7

The horizontal high field cryomagnet has a restricted neutron access. There are 4 windows of 45 deg each, valid for a sample of 15 mm diameter. For larger samples, the opening angle for full access is sligthly smaller. In the field direction, the vertical access is +- 22.5, in fact, the access is a cone. Perpendicular to the field direction, the access is +-6.7 deg on a 15 mm sample, or 65 mm parallel access.


For access with polarized neutrons, an asymmetric mode (max. 6.2 Tesla) is available. This is needed when a beam perpendicular to the field is used.

This cryomagnet has strong stray fields due to the size of its coils. Before it may be used on any instrument, force tests have to be done. The specifications allow forces up to 1000 N vertically and 500 N horizontally.

MA7 Specifications

More information on intranet page (drawing): LdmWiki:MA7

MA7 Restrictions



Asymetric mode

For changing from symmetric mode to asymmetric mode and vice versa:

Parameter Value for Sym Value for Asym
S11 (coil inductance) 112 78.7
S02 (max. current) 96.636 100.657
S01 (max. field: second value) 6.8 6.2