FOCUS SPS Commands

The following commands are handled with the help of the Siemens SPS-system.

The Shutter

Even the shutter can be controlled from within SICS. This is safe because the shutter will not open if the door to the instrument is open. In Local Beam Control (LBC) speak this status is named "Enclosure is broken". Be careful anyway because some idiots may climb the fence..... The following SICS commands control the shutter:

The command shutter without arguments returns the status of the shutter. This can be one of open, closed, Enclosure is broken.
shutter open
opens the shutter when possible.
shutter close
closes the shutter.

The Collimator

FOCUS is equiped with a rotating collimator. This can be either idle or moving. This collimator can be controlled from SICS with the following commands:

prints the current status of the collimator which can be either idle or moving.
colli idle
switches the collimator to idle mode.
colli moving
swicthes the collimator into moving mode.

Flight Box

The flight path in the detector box is normally filled with argon. In order to detect a possible leak an oxygen sensor is provided. The status of this sensor can be inquired from within SICS with the command:

prints the status of the flightbox. Which can be either OK or Problem.
Obviously this cannot be controlled from the computer as any problem with this requires massive mechanical intervention (searching the leak and refilling argon).