DMC and HRPT Command Summary

Most Used Commands

drive a4 value
Drives the detector to a new 2 Theta value. Be careful and watch out for rubbish trying to block the detectore pass through the experiment hall.
drive lambda value.
Drives the wavelength to a new value. The whole instrument is going to move. Add 10 extra levels of care to the above when doing this.
count mode preset
Counts in mode with a preset value of preset. Stores data automatically.
Repeat num mode preset
Calls count num times.
FileEval filename
Runs a batch file with the specified filename.


drive mot1 NewVal mot2 NewVal ....
Drives motors. Followed by pairs of motor names and new values.
run mot1 NewVal mot2 NewVal ....
Runs motors.
Known motors are: OmegaA, A1, TwoThetaM, A2, MonoX, MonoY, MonoChi, MonoPhi, CurveM, Table, A3, TwoThetaD, A4 at DMC, for HRPT see the HRPT motor list.


banana CountMode [NewVal]
Without a parameter displays the current counting mode. With parameter sets the count mode. Possible values are Timer for waiting for time or Monitor for waiting for a monitor.
banana preset [NewVal]
Without a parameter displays the current preset for either time or monitor. With a parameter sets the preset.
banana count
Starts counting.
Writes the current state of DMC to a NeXus file.
count mode preset
Counts in mode with a preset of preset. Stores data automatically.
Repeat num mode preset
Calls count num times.


Buf new name
New buffer name
Buf copy name1 name2
copies buffers.
Buf del name
deletes buffer.
Buffers created with Buf new name are installed as command name and understand:
NAME append bla bla .......
Append text to buffer
NAME del iLine
Deletes line.
NAME ins iLine bla bla ....
Inserts text after line.
NAME print
prints contents of buffer to screen.
NAME save file
Saves buffer to file.
NAME read file
Read buffer contents from file.
NAME run
Executes contents of buffer.
There can be a stack of Rünbuffers.
RuLi add buffer
Adds an buffer to the stack.
RuLi list
Lists the stack.
RuLi del line
Deletetes buffer from stack.
RuLi ins iLine name
Inserts name after iLine.
RuLi run
Executes Stack.
RuLi batch
Executes stack permanently. New buffers may be added.

General commands

wait for the last operation to finish.
wait time
wait for time to pass....
lists all objects in the system.
config Rights username password
changes authorisation to that of the user identified by username, password.
FileEval filename
executes batch file filename.

Log Files

LogBook file name
sets log file name
LogBook on
switches logging on
LogBook off
closes LogBook
lists current logging status


Each variable can be inquired by just typing its name. It can be set by typing the name followed by the new value. Currently available variables are: