AMOR in Time Of Flight Mode

AMOR can be operated in time of flight mode with a large position sensitive detector. Measuring in this mode involves:

Configuring the Histogram Memory

In order to use the histogram memory, it has to be configured. Two things have to be taken care of:

See also the general histogram memory section.

The resolution of the PSD in pixels can be tailored to the experiment at hand. To this purpose the command psdconfigure is available:

psdconfigure hm xsize ysize
xsize and ysize are the resolution of the detector in x direction (beam width) and y direction (two theta).
Usually this should already have been set up for you.

Configuring the time binning is a two step process:

Please note, that non equidistant time binnings are possible as well. See the main histogram memory documentation for details.

Configuring the Chopper

The most important thing about the chopper, its rotation speed, can not be controlled from the instrument control system. It has to be adjusted MANUALLY at the chopper control PC at the hall floor. There are two other parameters, however, which are needed by the detector electronics in order to process the chopper synchronisation signal properly. The commands are:

Read the current value of the acceptance window.
aw val
Set the acceptance window to val.
Read the current value of the time to delay to start.
td val
Set the time delay to start to val.