AMOR 2 Theta

The movement off the two theta is quite complex at the reflectometer AMOR. The angle of the detector itself is expressed by translations along the optical bench and in height. Then the angle of the detector needs to be adjusted as well. Moreover some diaphragms along the way from the sample to the detector need adjustment as well. In polarizing mode the analyzer position must be corrected as well. In order to do this a virtual motor has been created which takes care of this movement. As such this object has no real user interface except the usual printing of the position when the name of the virtual motor is typed. However, in order to do his work this virtual motor needs a lot of parameters. These are described below. It is assumed that the virtual motors name is s2t. There is another virtual motor called aom2t which is the analyzer two theta angle.

Parameters needed by the AMOR virtual two theta motor

distance of the detector from the sample.
distance of diaphragm 4 from the sample.
distance of diaphragm 5 from the sample.
An additive factor describing the height of the sample, i.e. the height of the table itself.
The base height of the detector.
The base height of diaphragm 4.
The base height of diaphragm 5.
The interrupt to issue if this motor fails to operate.
Height of the analyzer.
distance analyser - sample.
Flag if analyzer movement should be calculated or not. -1 if not, positive if yes.
height constant for single detector 2.
constant part of analyzer omega angle.
The values of parameters can be inquired by typing:
s2t parname
and set by:
s2t parname newval
For example:
s2t detectord
s2t detectord 300.