The MCC computer cluster of LDM at PSI



The LDM's Monte Carlo Cluster (MCC) serves as the main cluster for simulations within the LDM, LNS and GFA groups. Although the majority of runs concern Monte Carlo Neutron Transport simulations (performed with McStas or MCNP), the cluster supports any type of simulations that its users may want to perform.

MCC is a Linux cluster that comprises of 18 nodes (17 slave nodes + 1 master node). It contains two sub-parts: the LDM/GFA's part (nodes mcc20 - mcc32) and LNS's part (nodes mcc01-mcc04) Each of the nodes (including the master node), contains two hexa-core CPUs. More specifically: nodes mcc20-32 contain two hexa-core Intel Xeon (@ 3.07GHz), with 12MB of cache memory and 64GB of RAM memory. Nodes mcc (master node) and mcc01-mcc04 contain two hexa-core Intel Xeon (@ 2.3GHz), 15MB of cache memory and 64GB of RAM memory, expect for node mcc04 which has an increased RAM of 192GB. Hyperthreading is enabled on all nodes, effectively doubling the total number of cores available on those nodes. In total, MCC provides computing 432 cores and 7TB of hard disk space.

Internal Users Detailed insofrmation for the users of MCC.