NOBUGS 2004 Conference

New Opportunities for Better User Group Software

October, 18-20, 2004 at PSI, Switzerland

Abstract Submitted for NOBUGS2004

McStas developments

E. Farhi, K. Lefmann and P. Willendrup, S. Jean, C, Taton, B. Rourre, V. Hugouvieux

We will present recent developments concerning the McStas Monte Carlo neutron ray-tracing simulation package, that have been carried out at the ILL, at Risoe, as well as contributed work. 1- A new Monochromator component to handle thick blade optics, bent and gradient crystals (from L. Alianelli, INFM/ILL) 2- A new fast and accurate Fermi chopper component (B. Rourre, ILL) 3- A new isotrope S(q,w) sample that handles elastic and inelastic process, coherent and incoherent, with multiple scattering in liquids, powders and amorphous samples (V. Hugouvieux, ILL) 4- Parallel computing using MPI (C. Taton, ILL) 5- VRML output of instrument geometry, as well as monitor data, to be included in HTML simulation report pages (E. Farhi, ILL) 6- A McStas web server that can follow many simulations at a time, asynchronously, with on-line data plots update (S. Jean, ILL) 7- Tripoli4 reactor simulation code (MCNP-like) event files import/export (G. Campioni, CEA) 8- New ILL guide simulation examples (E. Farhi, ILL) 9- McStas/Knoppix distribution: boot and use McStas from CD-ROM (P. Willendrup, Risoe) 10 New instrument editor/builder with highlight syntaxing (P. Willendrup, Risoe) 11 New SNS source model, updated ILL and ISIS sources (A. Garret, E. Farhi, D. Champion)

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