NOBUGS 2004 Conference

New Opportunities for Better User Group Software

October, 18-20, 2004 at PSI, Switzerland

Abstract Submitted for NOBUGS2004

Continuous Mode Data Collection in Protein Crystallography

Chris Nielsen, Kazimierz Gofron, Krzysztof Lazarski, and Craig Ogata

        In continuous mode data collection, the spindle axis is
rotated at constant speed with the shutter opening and closing at
specific motor positions to select which rotation ranges are
recorded with a CCD detector.  The objective is to minimize
overall system overhead as exposure time per image becomes
small (less than one second); this overhead should be
closely related to the CCD detector readout speed.  An example
would be collecting every second or third image possible while
performing two or three passes to complete a data set.  Contrast
this with traditional goniometer start/stop data collection
where overhead is detector readout plus a goniometer overhead
which increases as exposure time decreases.  Methodology and
characterizations necessary for implementing continuous mode
data collection in general are described as well as some preliminary
implementation results at the SBC and NECAT beam lines at the

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