NOBUGS 2004 Conference

New Opportunities for Better User Group Software

October, 18-20, 2004 at PSI, Switzerland

Abstract Submitted for NOBUGS2004

Graphical User Interface Design For High Throughput Crystallography

James Fait, John Chrzas, and Bill Lavender

Productivity at a beamline depends as much or more on the control system the users interact with as it does inherent brilliance of the X-ray source or speed of the detector. Ease of defining the experiment, stability of the beam, quick and repeatable alignment of the sample, robust optimization of intensity on sample, ability to routinely handle 15x15x30ým crystals, routine movement from 7 KeV to 15 KeV, a user notes section, control of sample robotics, robust strategy for data collection, and archiving the data automatically all make for a highly productive trip to the beamline. The control system GUI used on both beamlines at Sector 22 at the APS, SER-CAT, has been redesigned with these ideals in mind, and both the philosophy and results of this work will be presented.

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