NOBUGS 2004 Conference

New Opportunities for Better User Group Software

October, 18-20, 2004 at PSI, Switzerland

Abstract Submitted for NOBUGS2004

Script interpreter in the software complex Sonix+


Interpretation of a measurement procedure, written in the form of some script, becomes very popular in modern instrument control systems. This provides more flexibility, adaptation to the measurement requirements and experimental setup. The great and evident advantage of such systems compared with systems without scripting is giving the user possibility to create script himself without help of the programmer. At present the choice of script language is made in favor of interpretive programming languages (Tcl, Python, etc.), which have developed very intensively during last years. Experience of exploitation of the Sonix software complex in the IBR-2 instruments showed us, that design of custom script language is irrational. On the contrary choosing one of the existent script languages could save development time and yield new features. We have choused Python because it is powerful, object-oriented, freely available in source and binary form. It is extensible with modules written in C/C++. It could be easily embed into another application. It has very good documentation. This report is devoted to design criteria, main features and implementation in the VC++ of the Python interpreter (Pi) script interpretation component of the Sonix+ software complex.

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