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This page contains links to information amd WWW-Applications provided by the LDM/LNS computing people.

Worldwide Visible Content

This information is visible for everyone inside and outside of PSI. There is more stuff below which is only accessible within PSI.

Information about Instrument Control Programs

SINQ is using the Sinq Instrument Control Software (SICS) to control all neutron scattering instruments except radiography. Here is some user infromation about SICS.

User Documentation

SICS Troubleshooting page

Mobile Friendly Instrument Status

For some SINQ instruments there are mobile friendly WWW-pages which are updated any 15 minutes. There are:

The Virtual Powder Diffractometer VDMC

PSI is operating a virtual powder diffractometer for users to play with. The virtual powder diffractometer is modelled after the real powder diffractometer DMC. A McStas simulation provides the data generated during virtual data collection. Users can choose from a set of pre configured samples or upload a description of their own sample generated with the program Lazy Pulverix. VDMC is driven through an experimental executable manual style WWW user interface.

Conferences hosted on this WWW-server

Links to the Rest of the World

PSI Intranet

SICS Clients

The instrument control software SICS is accessed through special client software written in Java. The client programs are available on all instrument computers. Addionally they can be started from this very WWW server through the Java Web Start mechanism. More details about Java WebStart and installation instructions can be found on the If your computer has been set up properly you can directly start the SICS WebStart applications from the links below.

SICS Manager Documentation

The following items are only served within the PSI-domain. Furthermore access to these documents may require usernames and passwords.

SICS World Wide Web Instrument Status

View Instrument Status Information. No java or other browser specialities required. Some textual information and a characteristic graphics of the current experiment will be displayed.

Other Manuals

Computing Cluster

In order to support LNS/LDM staff in data analysis and for the MCNP and McStas simulations which are performed a computing cluster is provided. For more information follow this link.


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