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This page contains information provided by Computing for the spallation source SINQ.



PSI has organized the NOBUGS 2004 conference. More information is here.

  • McStas webpage of LDM

  • Information about Instrument Control Programs

    User Documentation

    SICS Clients

    The instrument control software SICS is accessed through special client software written in Java. The client programs are available on all instrument computers. Addionally they can be started from this very WWW server through the Java Web Start mechanism. More details about Java WebStart and installation instructions can be found on the LNS Java WebStart page. If you are already installed, you may use the following quick links.

    In order to run these programs from outside of the PSI network, you will need a username and password. Moreover, the PSI firewall blocks SICS's ports and you need to run VPN anyway to do something useful with these clients or you have to build a ssh secure tunnel.

    SICS Status

    The status of SINQ instrument can be queried from the WWW. Please follow this link for selecting instruments to view.

    The DMC Virtual Powder Diffractormeter

    We provide the virtual powder diffractometer DMC. This pwder diffcractometer is driven by a McStas simulation.

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